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Cost Effective Litigation Representation

Contingent fees for many types of cases.

I believe that the decision to enter into litigation should be made like any other business decision: 


Does it make sense to invest your time and money into a case?

I see the lawyer's role as letting you know the costs, risks and potential rewards of litigation.

Once the decision to litigate is made the matter should be aggressively prosecuted according to a well thought out plan of action.  A good attorney should not allow his client to be surprised during the process of the litigation.

I have a history of taking difficult cases and turning them into victories:


Eliminating liens on an elderly client's home obtained by contractors in violation of the law 

No cost to the client, all my attorney fees were paid by the defendants

Recovering a six figure sum for a woman falsely accused of having venereal disease

Recovering six figure sum from sellers / brokers for misrepresentations made to buyer in connection with the sale of a home

Recovering six figure settlement for romantic partner at the end of long term non-marital relationship (Marvin Action)

Recovering six figure sum for defrauded investors in a real estate investment gone bad

Recovering six figure attorneys fees to law firm owed money by client long before a trial using a powerful collection tool, the prejudgment writ of attachment. 

As important as these litigated / settled cases are, equally important are the far more numerous cases that I have talked people out of filing:

Cases that are way too late and would be defeated by a statute of limitations

Cases where the defendants appear to have no assets able to satisfy any judgment that might be obtained

Cases where the risk of a loss would be financially devastating and unacceptable to the client

I get no money from such cases, but that is as it should be.  If a case has value, we can both make money together.  if it doesn't, it should not be brought.

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