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Affordable Arbitrator
$2000 per hearing day. Nothing more.

Justice Scale

JAMS Arbitrators command $8000 to $14,000 per DAY.  AAA Arbitrators Command $6000 and up for a single day hearing.  This can prevent Justice from being accomplished.  What good is Arbitration if the parties to a dispute cannot afford to pay for it? has an answer.  James Swiderski, CA State Bar Number has been licensed to practice law since 1996, starting off his legal career as a legal researcher to a senior partner at one of the largest class action law firms in the country.  Since then he has practiced in the field of civil litigation up through the present day.  In the last few years alone he has tried a case through a Jury trial filed multiple appeals and writ petitions in State and Federal Court.  He is a general practitioner with a broad base of legal knowledge, and most important, the knowledge that each new case is unique and different, requiring him to master the law anew and the facts in detail.  

It is this attention to detail, in legal research and fact finding, that makes him uniquely suitable to handling the arbitration of civil litigations on virtually any topic.  Mr. Swiderski previously served a Arbitrator to the Better Business Bureau.  His past service as a U.S. Marine Officer and demonstrated public speaking ability (Past soutern California impromptu speaking champion!) make him right out central casting for the role of impartial Arbitrator and Judge of your dispute.

If you have been orderd to arbitrate, direct your opponent to my website.  DO NOT CALL OR CONTACT US FIRST.   This office is run soley by Mr. Swiderski and he doesn't have the ability to prevent ex parte communications.  Only once the two of you SIGN the agreement to use Mr. Swiderski as your Arbitrator will he conduct a review for conflicts of interest.  Then he will contact BOTH of you at the same time to discuss next steps.

I charge $2000 per day of Arbitration hearing, which INCLUDES up to a day of additional time to review written submissions / conduct legal reasearch and write a detailed opinion.  Virtual or in person (Parties pay for the conference room) the fee is the same.  

Rules of the Arbitration are as per California law.

Payment in full is due, $1000 per party.

Hearings can be as soon as you want.

To start, download the packet below and send to the other side, along with a link to this website.

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