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Debts out of Control?
Bankruptcy MIGHT be an Option

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If you are buried in debt, with no way out, you might consider its time to file bankruptcy. While the preservation of your credit by paying debts in full and on time is the best course of action, sometimes that is just not possible due to circumstances beyond your control.   A loss of a job, a medical emergency, can make even the most responsible among us unable to pay our debts as they come due.  

If this is a temporary state of affairs then maybe some negotiation with creditors is in order.  But if your situation is unlikely to change, and creditors are taking money you need to survive from your accounts with Judgment levies, or money from your paycheck with garnishments, it might be time to pull the fail safe and seek the protection of the bankruptcy court.

Starting over is sometimes the best option.

I will handle your case from start to finish at a competitive flat rate, in line with what most attorneys charge.   My fee includes ALL charges, you won't pay a dime more.  The flat fee is $1500, which includes the $338 Court filing fee, and all other required costs.   

Moreover, I won't wait to get to work.  Once you sign and commit to pay, I will prepare the bankruptcy case to be ready to file. You raise the money on your terms.  I don't require any payment plans.  I leave it up to you to come up with the money necessary to wipe out your debt. When the fee is paid the case is filed.  You proceed on your schedule. 

I have filed well over a hundred Chapter 7 bankruptcies and have always obtained a discharge for my clients.  

If your debts aren't discharged, you won't be charged a penny.

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