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I will make this simple.  Lexington Law Firm charges people a monthly fee for credit repair services.  The Federal Government is suing them to stop them from charging anything until at least 6 months has gone by and they have accomplished something for their clients. 

I am a California Attorney and I believe that a California Law also prohibits them from charging until after they provide their promised services.


You must have contracted with Lexington WHILE YOU WERE a CALIFORNIA RESIDENT. 

If you have not received any benefit from Lexington Law and want a refund because they did not provide any value to you, then I will sue to get your money back.

There is no charge to you.  I get paid only if you win. And only from Lexington Law if at all. 

To sign up for this service, just fill out the contact form below, download and sign the fee agreement, and email it to me at

If you make 300% of less of the Federal Poverty Level (see chart on Fee Waiver Affidavit Form below) NO filing fee is charged ($250).  

If you make more than that, a $250 filing fee is due, but the company MUST pay you back win or lose.  I will advance the fee for you subject to recovery from Lexington.


Who are you and what is a good email to reach you?

Thanks for submitting!

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